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babies and opioids

Babies & Opioids (But Not at the Same Time)

We talk about the Milwaukee Department of Health’s Birth Outcomes Made Better (BOMB) doula program with the program manager, Christina Drain, and Deputy Commissioner of Community Health, Erica Olivier.

Then we talk to Dr. Ben Weston about opioid harm reduction and prevention strategies.

Guests: Christina Drain, Erica Olivier, Dr. Ben Weston

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The Birth Outcomes Made Better or (BOMB) Doula Program

The Birth Outcomes Made Better (BOMB) Doula Program was created to support healthy pregnancies and nurture healthy babies in the City of Milwaukee. Through doula services, families will have the support and education necessary for a healthy pregnancy and beyond. 

The program works with birthing people prenatally at any stage of pregnancy through birth and 12 weeks postpartum.

We talked to Program Manager for the BOMB Doula Program, Christina Drain, and the Deputy Commissioner of Community Health, Erica Olivier, about the program, its origin, the differences between a midwife and a doula and more.

If you are a Milwaukee resident, check out all the resources and programs available through Milwaukee Health Department’s Maternal and Child Health division 

Read more about the program in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee’s free doula program hopes to empower women, lessen race-based health challenges

Opioid Harm Reduction & Prevention Strategies in Milwaukee

We spoke to Milwaukee County Chief Health Policy Advisor, Dr. Ben Weston, and discussed opioid harm reduction & prevention strategies in Milwaukee County.  

Earlier this year,  County Executive David Crowley signed a resolution releasing $11 million in funding for 15 projects to combat the opioid epidemic – we talk about what some of those programs look like and which ones are working. We also discuss how the opioid crisis and the tactics to address it are similar and different between urban and rural communities.  Most importantly, we talk about how you never know who is suffering from addiction and how vital it is to talk about those who are dealing with addiction as people, not junkies.

Europeans Take Everything So Literally

It’s only champagne if it comes from the Champagne region of France; otherwise, it’s just sparkling wine—or in this case, lager. Belgian customs officials recently destroyed 2,352 cans of Miller High Life destined for Germany at the request of the powerful Comité Champagne because they bore the brand’s longtime slogan, “Champagne of Beers.” The brand, which doesn’t export to Europe, didn’t object but said, “We invite our friends in Europe to the US any time to toast the High Life together.”

“Of course, we respect local restrictions around the word ‘champagne,’ but we remain proud of Miller High Life, its nickname and its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provenance.” 

Quote from Miller


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