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As Goes Wisconsin 1/24/23 Hour 2

“As a former Republican I could say some things but I won’t”

UW-Richland Campus “transition plan”

Todd Allbaugh of Civic Media’s The Todd Allbaugh show gives an update on the UW-Richland Campus “transition plan”.  In November, UW System President Jay Rothman ordered UW-Platteville to stop offering degree programs at the Richland campus after the semester ends, citing financial pressure and low enrollment.  However, there’s a chance that all of the UW Satellite campuses should be on notice that they could be next. 

Todd also admits that he has a lot of stories from his former days as a Republican but refrained from spilling the tea (on air). 

Main Street Alliance Day of Action 

Main Street Alliance Leaders Chanda Causer, Shawn Phetteplace and Corrine Hendrickson join to talk about Main Street Alliance’s mission, its history in Wisconsin and its upcoming Day of Action, their first ever in-person Day of Action on February 13th which will bring over 75 small business owners from across the Wisconsin together to discuss the state policy changes they would like to see.



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