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are you concerned about the debt ceiling?

Are You Concerned About the Debt Ceiling?

How worried are you about the debt ceiling? Is the sky falling or is this just politics as usual?

Then we talk to Dave Boetcher, a 27-year veteran, who breaks down what the Republican bill actually means regarding veterans’ benefits.

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Losing Sleep Over the Debt Ceiling

How worried are you about the debt ceiling? Do you feel like it’s a looming disaster or that it’s just politics as usual? We talk about the stress levels people are experiencing over the game of chicken happening in DC.

Under the Republican Plan, Veterans Will Lost Benefits

We discuss what Speaker McCafthy’s debt limit bill would mean for Wisconsin Veterans with Dave Boetcher, a 27-year National Guard and Army Reserve veteran who served in the Gulf War

If the Republican bill were to take effect, “116,600 veterans could lose access to outpatient visits in Wisconsin, leaving them unable to get appointments for care like wellness visits, mental health services, and substance disorder treatment,” declares the report from Protect Our Care, which advocates for preserving the Affordable Care Act and for other federal health care programs.

Read the report for more details: Protect Our Care

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