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are you afraid to go to downtown milwaukee

Are You Afraid to go to Downtown Milwaukee?

We start with some breaking news: Bye Bye Tucker Carlson. Then we ask, “Are you afraid to go to downtown Milwaukee?” cause apparently some New Berlin parents are.

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Tucker Carlson Out

In break-up news no one saw coming: Fox and Tucker Carlson part ways.  The change was effective immediately— they didn’t even let him do a farewell show. Carlson’s last episode aired Friday, with the slot being filled by rotating hosts until a replacement show is found.  Having joined the network in 2009, Carlson’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” debuted in the 9 pm ET slot before replacing commentator Bill O’Reilly at 8 pm ET. As of early 2023, Carlson averaged an estimated 3.3 million viewers per show. The move comes one week after the network reached a $787M settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over defamation claims arising from comments made by hosts, including Carlson, in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Plus, former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg filed a lawsuit last month accusing Carlson and his executive producer, Justin Wells, among others, of sexism and harassment. Wells was let go along with Carlson, and, according to the LA Times, Grossberg’s lawsuit was the main factor in the decision, handed down by Rupert Murdoch, to fire Carlson.

Who will take over that slot at Fox News? Will Tucker join another network or venture out on his own?  This will be quite the test to see if one man’s personality is actually larger than the platform he performed on.

Are You Scared to go to Downtown Milwaukee?

Over the weekend, CBS 58 decided to run a story, not once but twice, about New Berlin parents being concerned about their teenagers taking pictures in scary dangerous downtown Milwaukee at the b-e-a-u-tiful Central Library. 

As someone who lives in Milwaukee and loves living here, Kristin’s gut reaction to these parents was an aggressive eye roll and a suggestion that these parents should be more concerned about what’s about to go down on the party bus the kids rented. 

However, this is a show about being open-minded so we genuinely asked, “Are you afraid to go to downtown Milwaukee”.

We also discussed the Brookings Institution research that says, “Why fear of crime more than the crime itself is holding back America’s downtowns.”

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