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America's claim on st pats

What’s With America’s Claim on St. Patrick’s Day?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Did you know there are 32 million Americans with Irish ancestry while there are only 5 million people living in Ireland (7 million if you count Northern Ireland)? The Irish diaspora is real and gives American Irish a pretty good claim when going HAM on March 17th every year.

Then we discuss the SNL Colin Farrell sketch from last weekend and debate, “Who gets to make cultural jokes?”

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St. Patrick’s Day

Which US cities have the best St. Paddy’s celebrations? It’s a highly contentious topic, but WalletHub joined the debate by analyzing city celebrations across various metrics. Their rankings:

  1. Boston
  2. Philly
  3. Chicago
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. New York

We spend time talking about how the Irish Diaspora is a real thing – which of course, Kristin learned on TikTok. 

Then We Break Down the SNL Oscar Sketch Drama…

The night before the Oscars, SNL opened with this sketch:

Which sparked a backlash from a fair amount of Irish folks on Twitter: 

And then Colin Farrell even mentioned it at the Oscars – but unclear if it was really a “dig” or not:

Our take is that there is a difference between offensive and just not funny. The sketch wasn’t funny but it also wasn’t offensive. When SNL made fun of Wisconsin people, it was also not funny but also not offensive.

Watch here: “SNL’s Fond Du Lac News Sketch”

Actually, maybe JLo’s Wisconsin accent was offensive. 

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