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“Always a street urchin never a Cratchit”

9.28.22 – “Always a street urchin never a Cratchit”

Greg Bach is back. January 6th hearing postponed. Unpopularity contests. “West Wing” and “Veep” join for a reunion. Kenosha is losing an ER. Get ready to laugh at Milwaukee Comedy Festival.

08:00 – January 6th hearing postponed

21:55 – Unpopularity contests

  • In the most recent Wisconsin poll by the Marquette Law School, for the first time ever, almost every political figure was viewed more negatively than positively.
  • Are we voting for candidates or against the other?

36:05 – “West Wing” and “Veep” join for a Reunion

  • The casts of “West Wing” and “Veep” announce their reunion to raise money for a great cause: the Wisconsin Democrats.
  • “West Wing” and “Veep” in the same universe?! C’mon Marvel and DC- it can be done…

1:31:17 – Kenosha is losing an ER

  • A Kenosha hospital will be closing its emergency room doors, forcing those who live in the area to travel outside of the city for emergency care.
  • The Kenosha City County voted unanimously to call on leaders at Froedtert South to reconsider its decision.

1:51:01 – Get ready to laugh at Milwaukee Comedy Festival

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