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Alls Fair in Love and Milk

Alls Fair in Love and Milk

Aubrey Plaza appears to beat war with almond milk—and all plant-based milk, for that matter—as part of one of the most curious sponsorship deals with Big Milk that I’ve ever seen. And it’s even more complicated than it sounds. We peel off the layers of this story, from the background of Big Milk, to why someone like Aubrey Plaza would align herself with the same fight as viral right-wing Twitter user “Nick Adams (Alpha Male),” noted hater of almond milk and the betas who sip it, to Tammy Baldwin’s legislation Codifying Useful Regulatory Definitions (CURD) Act and the The Defending Against Imitations and Replacements of Yogurt, milk, and cheese to Promote Regular Intake of Dairy Everyday Act (DAIRY PRIDE Act) ———— Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Watch on Youtube (and remember to subscribe!)

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