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AJ grill, ill quit when im 30

AJ Grill: “I’ll Quit When I’m 30”

Milwaukee comedian, AJ Grill, joins to talk with Greg, Kristin, and Jane about his new special: I’ll Quit When I’m 30.

Then we discuss, whether people who are mean are just being honest. Can you be honest without being mean?

Guests: Greg Bach, AJ Grill

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Milwaukee’s Own, AJ Grill

Milwaukee Comedian AJ Grill joins to talk about his new special “I’ll quit when I’m 30” 

We discuss the process of making a special, especially funding it yourself. What’s it like to part ways with so much of your material? And we even talk a little about pocket sausages at Brewers Games.

I’m Not Mean, I’m Just Honest

Can you be honest without being mean? Are mean people just being honest or are they actually being mean? 

We discuss this great Simon Sinek clip: 

And then we talk about the nuances between how to frame your honesty and the balance between not being overly sensitive when people are being honest with you but being thoughtful about your honesty. 

Ian Abramson At The Laughing Tap!!

Ian Abramson is headlining at The Laughing Tap this weekend. Get your tickets today!

6 Days Until Wisconsin’s April 4th Spring Election!

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