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12_12_23 Hour 2

A Deal Is A Deal! And What Is Your Favorite Christmas Present? (Hour 2)

In the second hour of the King of Popcorn is the topic, as Robin Vos is not giving in on his quest to crush Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the UW System. Though the board of regents voted down such measures, Speaker Vos has made it clear that he will continue to kick this dying horse.

With lighter things in mind, for the last half of the hour, the crew discuss their favorite Christmas traditions, presents that still warm the heart and a list of items that may last forever, but will also drain your wallet (Like a $130 rain coat!)

As always, thank you for the calls, the texts and for listening! We can’t do this without you and if you haven’t already, download the Civic Media App to listen to shows no matter where you are in the world!!

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