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Wisconsin’s Tampon Tax

Despite being the first state to ratify the 19th amendment — securing women’s right to vote — and recently being ranked as the 9th best state for women, Wisconsin still has one simple issue: the tampon tax.

Do you know what’s not taxed in Wisconsin? Cheetos. Whatchamacallits. Viagra.

Do you know what is? Pads and tampons.

Why? Because they are considered “luxury items.” Like all those other luxury items rappers rap about: Yachts. Rims. And Tampax Pearls.

The only thing a G6 has in common with a maxi pad is that they both have wings.

But a big shoutout to Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) who last week chose to challenge this BS and introduced a bill that would make Wisconsin the 21st state to drop this outdated and unfair tax.

Which is 20 states behind where we were in letting women vote. But better late than never, I guess? Get on board, Wisconsin.


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