Ron Johnson “Does” Juneteenth

Showing up uninvited to a house party without even a case of beer is bad enough. But showing up to a celebration for a holiday about ending slavery you opposed? That’s a low point. Ron Johnson reached that low point on Saturday when he went to a Republican booth at a Juneteenth celebration in Milwaukee. […]

No Sales Tax for you Milwaukee!

Two years ago, a coalition of elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders formed to launch Move Forward MKE. The group’s main goal was to ask the state government to allow Milwaukee to raise its sales tax, giving the city and county more money to work with in the future. While Wisconsin has high property […]

Gerrymandering 2.0?

Gerrymandering is a process where politicians can redraw electoral maps to make sure their majority usually wins elections. Politicians make sure each district has a majority voting block for their party, which creates a theoretical majority even if they don’t have a majority on a numbers basis. So yeah, it sucks. But Wisconsin Republicans are […]

The Midwest National Anthem

Under a new bill proposed by Senator Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point), it would be illegal for some sports venues to skip the national anthem before games in Wisconsin. The bill, labeled the Star Spangled Banner Act, would require the anthem to be played before all sporting events held in venues that receive taxpayer funding. That […]

Wisconsin Can Predict the Future


What? What do you mean Wisconsin can predict the future? Today, we’re talking about how Wisconsin is the most influential state in the country, because as the name says ‘As goes Wisconsin, so it goes the nation.’ Which I know is a reference to swinging presidential elections! But what happens here is usually also a […]