Red vs. Green Flags for Dating Wisconsin Men

Red vs. Green Flags for Dating Wisconsin Men

Wisconsin funny women, Kristin Brey and Alex Wehrley, collaborate once again to bring you a guide for dating Wisconsin men… in two parts! Buck hangin’ on the wall? Milk with dinner? Packers’ tailgate tunes? See what they say is a red versus green flag. Part 1 Part 2

Midwest Horror Film w. Charlie Berens

Cripes! Who’s scared? Charlie Berens, host of the Manitowoc Minute, stars in the trailer for the new Midwest Horror Film “Tell Your Folks I Says Hi” alongside Josh Burstein and Kristin Brey. Charlie welcomes his new neighbors in typical Midwest Nice fashion but they aren’t sure his intentions are good. Inspired by films like “Get […]

Be Sexy. Work a Poll.

Originally posted on the Captimes If you’ve ever been to a polling station, you might have noticed that the average age of a poll worker is about 76.5 years old (citation needed). This also happens to be the approximate age of the people most vulnerable to die from COVID-19. Work a Poll This has left a […]