Critical Race Theory: Academics v. GOP

WIGOP wants to ban Critical Race Theory

The U.S. government and other institutions like banks are continuing to use practices that were designed long ago when society was more racially discriminatory. Critical race theory, or CRT, brings these realities to light by teaching that race is ingrained in American history and law. Sounds like history that should be taught to kids in […]

The GOP Gives Evers’ Budget a Haircut

The Wisconsin state legislature’s budget-writing committee cut hundreds of proposals from Gov. Tony Evers’ two-year spending plan on May 6th. Wisconsin Republicans continue to be among the least willing politicians in the country to work in a bipartisan manner, stripping popular policies supported by Wisconsinites including health care access expansion, legalization of marijuana, and the […]

Gov. Evers’ State Budget Proposal summarized in dance

If you’re like most people, you probably have no freaking clue how a state budget works or who writes it or what it covers. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In Wisconsin, the state legislature makes most of the decisions about what should be included in the budget, but the governor also gets input. […]