Wisconsin’s Handout for the Rich

Corporate Welfare

A little-known Wisconsin tax credit “The Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit” allows state manufacturers to pay almost nothing in income taxes despite their high revenues. Worse, the credit is largely distributed to people that are already millionaires. Talk about watering plants in the rain! The Manufacturing Credit not only makes the state lose out on millions […]

Critical Race Theory: Academics v. GOP

WIGOP wants to ban Critical Race Theory

The U.S. government and other institutions like banks are continuing to use practices that were designed long ago when society was more racially discriminatory. Critical race theory, or CRT, brings these realities to light by teaching that race is ingrained in American history and law. Sounds like history that should be taught to kids in […]

Wisconsin Feminist Baddie: Kathryn F. Clarenbach

Girl Power has roots in Wisconsin, and it all began on a napkin.  Born in Sparta, Kathryn F. Clarenbach was an early leader of the modern feminist movement and the National Organization for Women (NOW). As described in a New York Times article, in 1966 Clarenbach was in Washington D.C. with fellow feminists for a […]