How to Get a Vaccine in Wisconsin Now That 16 & Up Are Eligible

As Wisconsin’s COVID-19 vaccination rate slows due to vaccine hesitancy, this is a friendly reminder that vaccines save lives. And not just your own. Your neighbor Gary, your grandma Barb, and even your arch-rival Tim (sure you don’t like him, but he pushes you to be better, and for that, you have to respect him). […]

Wisconsin Policy Forum Report: A Little Sales Tax Loophole

Welcome to “Summarizing Wisconsin Policy Forum Report, because only nerds read Wisconsin Policy Forum Report” First Up: Shift to online shopping helps taxpayers …but not the state budget. Let’s break it down! Not a shocker that last year the money we didn’t spend IRL was spent online. (Crazy right?) For example: I bought six pairs […]

What’s Up with Pence Promoting AIDs?

This week we cover: A state of emergency #ReOpenWisconsin signs COVID-19 Reduction plans My concern for David Bakhtiari’s health And Pence promoting AIDS… for breathing. A state of emergency Governor Evers declared a state of emergency due to elevated wildfire conditions in response to Juneau County’s, 234-acre fire last Saturday. The fire started despite the […]