Rating Wisconsin Beer Cans

I remember when beer was bland. Their cans consisted of maybe an American flag and even on a special occasion a bald eagle soaring over the nutrition facts label. Today’s brewers are a little bit more creative: They mix flavors and hops to make magic in a can, and add some creativity to the can […]

International Beer Day

I’ve always said, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” when thinking about having a cold beer.  You may feel the same way, but did you know there is an International Beer Day?  First Friday in August Founded in Santa Cruz, CA, in 2007, by the wise (and probably thirsty) Jesse Avshalomov, the first Friday in August is […]

The Beer You Can Only Get in Wisconsin

Cows are everywhere, especially those lovely black and white Holstein cows. This is America’s Dairyland.  But did you know there is one kind of “cow” you can only get in Wisconsin?  Spotted Cow Beer You’ve seen the jumping spotted cow on the cans – and you know, you love this beer. As brewmaster and creator […]