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Year of the Water Rat vs the Fire Tiger (Hour 1)

“Water Rat vs the Fire Tiger” (Hour 1)

From year of the rat to rats used for torture, this one really took a turn…


(00:01:00) – Mass Shooting in Monterey Park

  • In 23 days, the US has seen 33 mass shootings with the most recent occurring Saturday night during the Lunar New Year’s Eve fair in Monterey Park, CA where ten people were killed and 10 others injured.
  • We did spend some time learning a little more about Lunar New Year, what the Year of the Rabbit means and then it took a dark turn in regards to rats.

(0:28:00) – A Tale of Two Marches

  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – we will let you decide which march, the March for Life and the Women’s March, represents which.

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