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12_27_23 Hour 2

Words From Mr. Biles And It’s Not Taylor’s Fault (Hour 2)

In our second hour, we welcome co-host and friend of the show Ramie Makhlouf to talk about the holidays, sports and that bird thing building at the art museum!

Simone Biles’ husband and Packers Safety Jonathan Owens had some fun thoughts on his relationship with his wife and we try to figure out if he was serious or having a laugh.

We then turn our attention to Kansas City where fans really need to have a moment to realize that the Chiefs aren’t doing well, because the Chiefs aren’t a good team right now.

We finish it up talking about the new lights at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the photography of Nate Vomhof and it’s also free admission day this week at The Milwaukee County Zoo (during the day)

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