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wi star wars connection

Wisconsin’s Star Wars Connection

We talk to Paul Noonan about how the Packers did in the NFL Draft and hear about how the Brewers’ season is going.

May the Fourth Be With You. We talk about our love and connection to all things Star Wars.

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Packer’s NFL Draft Grade

Paul Noonan, writer for Shepherd Express and Acme Packing company, and hosts the weekly podcasts Reporting as Eligible, on the Packers, and Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast, on the Brewers, joins to talk about how the Packers fared in this year’s draft and updates on the Brewers season thus far.

Airbnb Gets Back To Its Roots

Airbnb heard your complaints, and it’s finally making it easier to share a bathroom with someone you don’t know. The short-term rental company rolled out a whole suite of upgrades yesterday, the biggest being a new feature to facilitate renting cheaper single rooms in shared homes.

May the Fourth Be With You

We finish off the show by talking about our connection to Star Wars to honor Star Wars Day. 

Watch Star Wars get the “by Wes Anderson” treatment. Plus, a bad lip reading of The Last Jedi.

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