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Wisconsin’s Marie Curie: Elda Anderson

Wisconsin’s Marie Curie: Elda Anderson

New Civic Media Show Alert: Radical Revolution starts this Thursday August 3rd at 7pm on WGBW and WISS (and on the Civic Media App). We talk to the new hosts, Kristen Alfheim and Emily Tseffos about what they are looking to create with their new show. Then we talk to Kirsten Finn, Executive Director of Wisconsin Bike Fed, about the Ride Cross Wisconsin happening August 19th and 20th. And then the talk to Lawrence University Physics Professor, Megan Pickett, about lost story of Elda Andersen. Andersen was a meticulous and accomplished physicist, born and raised in Wisconsin, whose work was integral on the Manhattan Project. It’s a fascinating story and a must listen to interview. Guests: Kristin Alfheim, Megan Pickett

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