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Who is asking for these GOP Convention Resolutions?

Who is asking for these GOP Convention Resolutions?

When you think of the biggest problems we are facing as a state or what solutions could help the most amount of people, what do you think of? Education? Child care? PFAS? Talent acquisition and retention to bolster our working age workforce?

Cause the GOP delegates didn’t vote on any resolutions addressing any of that this weekend. They approved resolutions at the state GOP convention in La Crosse to:

  • define unborn babies as people
  • ban critical race theory
  • train and arm teachers:
  • ban teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity before fifth grade
  • stop transgender women from participating in women’s sports,
  • ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth
  • allow psychologists to treat transgender kids for gender dysphoria
  • prevent outside people or groups from providing “readers” in schools or libraries, including drag queens, and taking funding away from agencies or groups that hold such events.
  • abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission
  • require every county to use paper ballots only in elections


We also talk to Corrinne Hendrickson from WECAN and Chelsea Chandler, a parent whose children attend Corrinne’s child care center, on to talk about he organizing and actions happening to protest the JFC’s decision to not include $340m aimed at subsidizing child care in Wisconsin.

You can get more information here:

And you can attend tomorrow’s rally at the Capitol at 10am –


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