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As Goes Wisconsin 1/24/23 Hour 3

“These Boots were Made For Brewing”

Interview: Samantha Danen

What do you get when you get when you take an art history major and turn her into a craft brewer? You get Samantha Danen: Third Space Brewing Brewer and the Pink Boots Society Wisconsin Chapter Leader. Sam joins to talk about her journey to brewing and gives some solid advice for want-to-be-brewers. 

National Compliment Day 

It’s National Compliment Day, which, like so many of the observances we “celebrate” on As Goes Wisconsin, isn’t a real holiday.  But it IS an excuse to say something nice to someone today. Which there are some serious benefits to doing, both for the receiver of the compliment and for the giver of the compliment. 

Reminder: Million Dollar Ad Giveaway 

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