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The Increasing Popularity of Vasectomies

The Increasing Popularity of Vasectomies

What if we swapped some of the million acres we currently have in corn fields in Wisconsin for solar? We talk to Clean Wisconsin’s Climate, Energy & Air Program Director, Chelsea Chandler, and its Science Program Director, Paul Mathewson, about their new, aptly named, report: “CORN ETHANOL VS. SOLAR LAND USE COMPARISON

Then, Planned Parenthood Wisconsin CEO/President Tanya Atkinson and Urologist Dr. Meghan Schaefer join to answer your burning questions about vasectomies in case you or your loved one is vasectomy curious.

Guests: Tanya Atkinson, Dr. Meghan Schaefer, Chelsea Chandler, Paul Mathewson

Hey Wisconsin farmers, can you spare an acre of corn field (or a couple thousand?)

For more than 50 years, Clean Wisconsin has been working to preserve and protect Wisconsin’s clean water, clean air and natural heritage. Earlier this year the group released a new report that reveals that when it comes to land use, Wisconsin could reap far more energy from solar than from just corn fields.  We were joined by Clean Wisconsin’s Climate, Energy and Air Program Director, Chelsea Chandler,  and its Science Program Director, Paul Mathewson, to talk about more details from the report. 

You can read more about the report here:  “CORN ETHANOL VS. SOLAR LAND USE COMPARISON.”

Men Line up for Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Vasectomies

Last month, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin began offering vasectomy services. Demand for sterilization procedures has grown significantly since the U.S. Supreme Court decision that made virtually all abortions illegal in the state, according to health care professionals. In order to rise to the occasion (sorry, had to) and broaden access to underserved communities, two doctors have been performing vasectomies two days per month at Planned Parenthood’s Water St. Health Center in Milwaukee. 

We spent the half hour talking to PPWI CEO/President, Tanya Atkinson, and one of the two urologists conducting the procedure, Dr. Meagan Shaefer. If you have questions or fears about vasectomies, definitely go back and take a listen to that interview to hear what’s true and what’s not true when it comes to the not so big snip snip. 

All 22 locations of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin are still very much open across the state.  You can check out all the different health care services they provide here. They are also hiring!  Finally, if you are looking for the advocacy and activism part of Planned Parenthood, you can find that here: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin.

Reminder: There are 28 Days Until Wisconsin’s Spring Election.

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