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Summer Of Strikes (Hour 2)

Summer Of Strikes

Do you support unions and the strikes happening (or about to happen)? The collapse of negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters union is just one of a host of labor issues hovering over the U.S. this summer.

  • SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents Hollywood actors, is on strike for the first time since 1980, joining Hollywood writers who were already on the picket line.
  • The United Auto Workers union is about to start negotiations with the Big Three automakers, as its current contract expires in September.
  • In Wisconsin, Leinenkugel’s Brewery workers strike in Chippewa Falls
Then we lighten things up with a conversation about what clothing item from your childhood you hope makes a comeback since it sounds like Y2K fashion is here to stay for a while with the Zoomers.

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