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Jim Santelle

Legal Eagle Jim Santelle

Jim Santelle joins to answer some of our legal questions regarding expulsion and impeachment.

Then we talk about Easter traditions, adult Easter egg hunts, and Easter potatoes replacing Easter eggs.

Guest: Jim Santelle

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Civic Media’s Legal Eagle Jim Santelle

Former US Attorney, practicing lawyer, and host of Civic Media’s Morning Cannolis at 9 am on Saturdays, Jim Santelle joins us to talk us through our legal questions about impeachment.

Adult Easter Egg Hunts

What would you put in the eggs for an adult Easter egg hunt? What are your favorite Easter traditions? Are you coloring potatoes this year instead of eggs?

National Beer Day

We end the show with a Brewers Tickets giveaway – which we will be doing all season long thanks to our flagship Brewers affiliates WISS 98.3 fm and 1100am in Oshkosh and WRCO1450am and 107.7 FM in Richland Center and ask, “what’s your favorite Wisconsin made beer?” since it’s National Beer Day.

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