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Kristins big announcement!

Kristin’s Big Announcement!

Kristin announced some big personal news but you have to listen to the episode to hear what it is.

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But Before the Announcement… Racism

What should happen when someone gets caught saying something abhorrent and racist? There’s a lot of ugliness in the world and a lot of people who say and do things they wish wouldn’t be caught on camera and then circulated thousands upon thousands of times.  But that’s the world we live in now, as a UW Madison student learned this week. 

Thousands in the University of Wisconsin-Madison community are calling for the expulsion of that student who was recorded in a video using racist slurs and saying she wants Black people returned to slavery so she can abuse them.

The University’s response fell flat for those protesting. While the university did condemn the language, they also said their hands are tied and cannot expel the student because of the first amendment. 

Seems like a bad time to cut diversity, Equity and INclusion programs… but don’t tell that to Robin Vos. 

It’s an ongoing developing story that you can catch up on with

  1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
  2. The Daily Cardinal

Opelander Spotting

Gov. Tony Evers calls GOP cuts to mental health services in state budget ‘foolishness’

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Kristin’s Big Announcement

No, she’s not running for office… 

No, the show isn’t going global… 

Yes, she is pregnant!

Baby Girl Coming October 4th, 2023!


Sound was screwed up on the first one so reposting. #pregnancyannouncement

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