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“Justifications are the most important things in life”

9.27.22 – “Justifications are the most important things in life”

Political ads. Our first conservative guest. Getting to know Ann Roe. Landmark Lanes turns 95.

5:30 – Political ads in Wisconsin

  • Anyone else drowning in political ads? Turns out, you’re not alone- even as the ad industry declines, political ad spending certainly hasn’t, especially if you live in Wisconsin.
  • How effective are these ads in influencing the opinion of Wisconsinites?

21:02 – Matt Cordio joins to talk about Wisconsin news, but from a conservative perspective (yes, you read that right)

  • Founder of Skills Pipeline and self-proclaimed problem solver, Matt Cordio, joins us as the show’s first conservative guest! Join us for our discussion on divisiveness in a purple state and Wisconsin news from migration challenges to abortion referendums.
  • The 2nd Annual Milwaukee Tech Week returns next week.

1:06:47 – Getting to know Ann Roe

  • Small business owner, former educator, and Democratic candidate for Congressional District 1, Ann Roe, tells us why she’s running for Congress.
  • You can get connected with Ann on Twitter and Facebook.

1:30:41 – Iconic Milwaukee venue turns 95

  • Known as The Underground City for its entertainment and multiple bars, Landmark Lanes celebrates its 95th birthday!
  • Landmark’s Marketing Manager, Greg Alfaro, tells us all about the events happening this week. Grab a drink, hit the lanes, and celebrate this historic bowling alley that has been around since prohibition.
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