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Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester’s Groundbreaking New Special

How important is either patriotism, religion, having children, community involvement, or money in your life? Apparently, for a whole lot of Americans, the first four have become a lot less important.

Then we talk to comedian Corey Ryan Forrester about his viral reaction as a new parent to this week’s shooting and discuss his new comedy special on Amazon.

Guest: Corey Ryan Forrester

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What Do We Actually Care About Anymore?

What value do you find the most important? 

  • Patriotism 
  • Religion
  • Having children 
  • Community involvement 
  • Money 

A Wall Street Journal/NORC poll released Monday found that “patriotism, religious faith, having children, and other priorities that helped define the national character for generations” have fallen steadily since 1998 and even 2019, the Journal reports. About 38 percent of respondents in the new poll said patriotism is “very important” to them, versus 70 percent in the Journal’s 1998 poll, while 39 percent said religion is very important, from 62 percent in 1998.

While the importance of patriotism, religion, having children, and other values were down across the board, there were pretty stark generational and partisan divides in the poll. Republicans topped Democrats and independents on all values except community involvement, for example — though when it came to money, Republicans and Democrats found harmony at 45 percent apiece. 

With this information, Greg Kristin and Jane discuss which of those values are the most important to them, the definitions of those values, and what has replaced them.

Corey Ryan Forrester

Parents – did you become more and less conservative after becoming a parent? Cause, 9 days into parenting and one school shooting in, our guest, comedian Corey Ryan Forrester, doubts he will become any more conservative.

We spend the segment talking about politics, comedy, and the south. And how Democrats might be annoying, but they aren’t as dangerous as the garbage so much of the GOP is spewing these days. 

You should check out Corey’s new special! The wellRED Comedy trio, made of Corey, Traw Crowder, and Drew Morgan, “bonded over a shared notion: being a backwoods hillbilly doesn’t have to also mean being a hate-fueled, book-hatin’ ignoramus. This groundbreaking concept struck a nerve with crowds around the country, and the group has sold out venues all over.” 

Please enjoy their first three-part comedy special on Amazon.(WellRed Comedy Specials)

6 Days Until Wisconsin’s April 4th Spring Election!

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