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friday pop culture

Friday Pop Culture Update with Matt Mueller

Matt Mueller joins for his monthly pop culture update and we introduce our inaugural, albeit not that original, Friday afternoon segment, “Am I the Butthole?”

Guest: Matt Mueller

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Am I the Sphincter

Culture Editor from OnMilwaukee, Matt Mueller, is back with his monthly entertainment and pop culture update. We talk Milwaukee Film Festival and he tells us about his favorite movie, not just of the festival but of the year: Riceboy Sleeps. Then we talk about HBO Max’s new name and the end of Netflix’s DVDs.

It’s Like AITA but FCC Compliant

  1. We are starting a new Friday afternoon tradition with reading from AITA from Reddit. 
  2. Don’t know what AITA is? Read about it on Wikipedia
  3. This week: AITA for telling my stepmother I’m glad she didn’t name me because I find her taste just as horrible as she finds my name?

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