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7_31_23 Hour 1

False Equivalency: Nazis and Drag Shows

An armed Neo-Nazi group protested a Pride in the Park event in Watertown, Wisconsin, on Saturday afternoon that featured a drag story time and drag shows. The Anti-Defamation League describes the Neo Nazi Group, Blood Tribe, as “Blood Tribe is a neo-Nazi group with semi-autonomous chapters in the United States and Canada. Blood Tribe promotes hardline white supremacist views and openly directs its vitriol at Jews, “non-whites” and the LGBTQ+ community.” Meanwhile, the group that organized the event, Unity Project of Watertown, describe itself and its mission as, “Unity Project of Watertown was created to bring awareness to social issues in the Watertown area. We welcome anyone as long as they are respectful of others. Our Mission Statement: ;To promote a sense of acceptance and belonging among all members of our community.’.” Yet, a certain Wisconsin politician took to Twitter to basically condemn “both sides” (the tweet has since been deleted, but screenshots are forever). Then we discuss the fact that Foxconn actually made something! And that Scott Walker is making almost $1 million a year to basically fail at bolstering the youth conservative movement.

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