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East Palestine Update with John Russel

East Palestine Update with John Russel

Independent journalist, John Russel, returns with an update on East Palestine and an important sentiment on balancing anger amidst reporting on this disaster. Then we break down the master class Hasan Minhaj gave on The Daily Show on Tuesday.

Guest: John Russell

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Dive bartender, eater of the rich and iIndependent journalist and Ohio Valley resident, John Russell, returns to give us an East Palestine update since the last time we talked to him mid February.  We discuss the balance between politicians grifting off of the situation (*cough Trump RonJohnsoncough*) but also wanting elected officials to show up and step up.  We also talk about the efficacy of the rail safety bill that’s been introduced in congress and balancing doing this kind of work without being infuriated all the freaking time. 

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What petition do we need to sign to get Hasan Minhaj to be the nest Daily Show host?

Let our bias be known that at As Goes Wisconsin, we are BIG fans of Hasan Minhaj and not so big of a fan of Skip Bayless. So when Minhaj decided to take Bayless to task, we had to talk about it. 

Bayless commented on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s appearance on The Daily Show this week, where the Bucks star jokingly called out several NBA players, from Luka Dončić to Kevin Durant, that the writing staff at The Daily Show had written for him. But Giannis couldn’t even get through reading any of the jokes out of the teleprompter without apologizing and praising the stars he just trashed.

However, Bayless only talked about the trash talk, not the apologies, during a recent Undisputed airing.

And Hasan Minhaj was not happy with Bayless’s decision to cut out half the segment in his debate. Minhaj explained that he was the one pushing Antetokounmpo to be more arrogant, but the Bucks forward is so humble that he struggled to do so. 

It’s worth watching the entire monologue and remembering to not let selected clips without context fire you up. 
Learn more about  The Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation.

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