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politicians and religion

Do You Like Your Politicians Religious?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that our lawmakers are more religious than we are?

Then we talk to Dina Nina Martinez Rutherford, Madison’s first trans alderman who also happens to be a comedian!

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Our Lawmakers Are More Religious Than We Are, Does It Matter?

Members of Congress are more Christian — and more religious — than the American public by wide margins, according to an analysis of data reviewed by Axios. 

This perhaps provides insight into why there are so many policies politicians are pushing that are out of step with what the majority of Americans want. 

Would you vote for someone who was an atheist?


At some point during the religious politician’s conversation, Greg, Kristin, and Jane start talking about the 2016 Last Week Tonight episode where JOhn Oliver uncovered that Trump’s actual family name is Drumpf – we are linking it here for anyone who has never seen it or for anyone who would just like to see it again.

And here is the link to the Chrome extension that will turn Trump to Drumpf every time it comes up on the internet for you:

Dina Nina Martinez Rutherford

We talk to Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford, a comedian and entrepreneur, who won the election for Madison Common Council’s District 15 earlier this month and is now the first trans woman ever elected in Madison history.

Learn more about Dina’s campaign and her company Lady Laughs Comedy
You can also read her most recent op-ed in The Cap Times: Column on trans kids gets it wrong.

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