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do you let sports get the best of you

Do You Let Sports Get the Best of You?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel trending sports reporter, JR Radcliff, joins to talk the collapse of the Bucks, Rodgers’ farewell and what to watch for in the NFL draft.

And then we discuss how much we let sports impact our emotions and why.

Guest: Jr Radcliffe

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JR Radcliff on the Bucks Collapse

Jimmy Butler will haunt the nightmares of the Milwaukee Bucks for a long time. So will the memories of the Bucks’ late-game execution in this short stay in the playoffs. Trending sports reporter, JR Radcliff joins us to talk about the surreal scene that was the Bucks’ 128-126 overtime loss to the Miami Heat that ended the season of the No. 1 overall seeding in the NBA playoffs.

Then we talk about Aaron Rodger’s farewell and what to look out for in the week’s NFL draft. 

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How Seriously Do You Take Sports?

  1. As Bucks fans are still emotionally raw, we ask the question: how much do you let sports affect your emotional well-being, and why? 
  2. We also discuss this answer from Giannis’ last night:

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