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talks tax reform

CJ Szafir Talks Tax Reform

With Tax Day 2023 done, the President of the Institute for Reforming Government, CJ Szafir, is back, and this time we talk tax reform in Wisconsin: What’s possible? What are the tradeoffs? Who would be the winners and losers?

Guest: CJ Szafir

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Is There An Equitable Way to do Tax Reform?

CJ Szafir, President of the Institute for Reforming Government, returns to the show to talk about everybody’s favorite topic two days after Tax Day: tax reform.  He and Kristin have a very honest conversation about what’s possible if you were to cut income taxes entirely and if there is a way to do that without disproportionately helping the wealthiest among us. 

You can read more about IRG’s tax policy proposals here: 

And this feels like another opportune time to post one of Kristin’s videos about Kansas’ attempt at a tax cut:


Kristin Brey (@asgoeswisconsin) breaks down how Kansas' tax model of slashing taxes for the wealthy may not be something other states (hint: Wisconsin) should try to replicate. #opinion #Kansas #taxes #government #Wisconsin

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And here is an explainer about the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit in Wisconsin that allows state manufacturers to pay almost nothing in income taxes despite their high revenues. Worse, the credit is largely distributed to people that are already millionaires.

Three Headlines and a Lie

Courtesy of Morning Brew, here are this week’s “Three of these headlines and a Lie” 

  1. “Sorry we dissolved your son in acid, mafia bosses tell parents”
  2. “Black bear breaks into the vehicle, guzzles 69 cans of pop”
  3. “Cocaine worth nearly $440 million found floating in the sea off Italy”
  4. “Man sues brewery for using his photo on can of beer called ‘Bald Guy Brew’”

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