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Americans are in a friendship recession.

9.07.22 – Americans are in a friendship recession.

Greg Bach co-hosts. American adults are in a friendship recession but, why? Madison’s vibrant Night Market. Wisconsin’s historic love of beer and the UW nurse strike is coming.

Hour 1

Hour 2

  • Who does the American Flag belong to these days?
  • It’s National Beer Lovers Day – a deep seated tradition in Wisconsin.  So deep that Old World Wisconsin debuted an entire Brewing Experience in 2022. Rob Novak joined to talk about what it’s like to brew beer like is 1899.  They have plenty of events you can attend this fall and kids get in free in September (but you still have to be 21 to drink the beer).

Hour 3

  • Evers announced an unlikely education budget wishlist and we ask “What’s really news in Wisconsin when you have a divided government?”
  • We never claimed to be a pop culture show, but we can’t even escape the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ drama.
  • UW Health nurses, Will Kiesling and Sarah Quinn, join to talk the pending nurses strike. You can find more information and how to support them here:

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