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Moving Wisconsin Forward, One Joke at a Time

NewLook As Goes Wisconsin

For my birthday, I decided to invest in a facelift…

…for As Goes Wisconsin.  

Since our inception in March 2020, As Goes Wisconsin has been distributing content that uses laughter as a force for democracy across social media platforms. 

And as of today, we now have a brand spanking new home for all that content.  

I’m so proud to introduce the new As Goes Wisconsin website built by Social Surge, our new branding created by Rebel Squid, and our new mission statement:

Going forward, all of our videos will be linked back to a blog post, where we will include more information on the topic and provide additional resources for you to learn more because there is only so much we can fit into 60 seconds. We’re also in the process of creating an archive, including over 400 pieces of content, so check back often, as we’re continually updating our backlog!

This is only the next step towards our vision of building a Wisconsin media and production company that offers diversified, entertaining content from longer-form videos, podcasts, and even live events (remember those?).

It’s a big goal – bigger than one woman can do on her own.

Which is why we need your help in order to grow together.

If you have enjoyed any of our content and feel that what we are creating provides a service to Wisconsin, we would be incredibly grateful for any contribution you can make.

If you can’t support us financially right now, there are many other ways you can show your support: 

As Goes Wisconsin is a labor of love. With your support we can keep creating, all while moving Wisconsin forward, one joke at a time.


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