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Is Glenn Grothman a Secret Lady Gaga Stan?

Glenn Grothman somehow mentioned singer Lady Gaga when giving a speech on Biden’s choice to halt Keystone XL Pipeline construction.

So, is Grothman hiding his secret fandom for Gaga?


Just waiting for all the #littlemonsters to come for Glenn Grothman for disrespecting Gaga… #ladygaga #badromance #wisconsinpolitics

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

Grothman said stopping the pipeline would block thousands of good-paying jobs and inflate gas prices across the country. He went on to criticize Biden for defaulting on his promise to be a moderate President.

How does Lady Gaga fit into all of this?

He questioned whether the environmentalists arguing against the project were informed by Lady Gaga, or perhaps the environmentalist was Lady Gaga. He also used Gaga to represent the young, progressive wing of America that have opposed environmentally problematic construction.

I’m not so sure that Lady Gaga is the talking head for the Democratic Party. It seems like Grothman went back to a 2009 top hits playlist, saw “Bad Romance by Lady Gaga” at the top, and stuck it into his speech thinking he’d really intimidate Gen Z with a prolific cultural reference.

But, the more likely theory is that Grothman is an avid Lady Gaga fan that decorates his private mancave with Gaga merch and album covers. He could certainly use her guidance on hairstyle, because those low-hanging


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