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For Ron Johnson, Armed Insurrection Definitely Not Armed

Jan. 6 was a peaceful, no-guns protest that was definitely not deadly, right? Ron Johnson thinks so. In an Orwellian play on reality, Sen. Johnson seems like he might’ve slept through what was the closest our country has come to a civil war since well, the Civil War.

The RoJo magic lives on.

In a radio interview, Johnson said that the people that stormed the Capitol are the same “people that love this country” and “love freedom.” He added that the Jan. 6 insurrection “didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me” as he argued that no guns were found at the scene and only one officer was shot.

So someone was shot, but the insurrection wasn’t armed. Who was doing the shooting? Well, the Republican crew also claims that Antifa was present at the rally and were the ones committing all the violence.

Here’s a glimpse at the reality of Jan. 6 if you haven’t seen it yet. Participants, in their most peaceful state,

  • Erected gallows
  • Used bear-level pepper spray on police officers
  • Used American flags as spears
  • Shot stun guns

Then, they used real guns and thousands of ammunition rounds to

  • Assault 125 Capitol Police officers
  • Injure 70 of those officers
  • Kill five people

At the scene, police found 12 guns and 14 people are facing federal charges for bringing guns to the insurrection.

Attendees included highly-trained militia groups, active military members and ex-cops. I think, just maybe, Ron Johnson might be wrong here.


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